• Personal care like help with bathing, washing hair, shaving, or getting dressed.

  • Home care keeps families together. There is no more important social value. It is particularly important in times of illness.

  • Home care helps the elderly maintain their independence. None of us wants to be totally dependent and helpless. With some assistance, seniors can continue to maintain their preferred lifestyle.

  • Home care prevents or postpones institutionalization. No one wants to be placed in a nursing home unless this is the only place where we can obtain the total, 24-hour care that we need.

  • Home care promotes healing. There is scientific evidence that patients heal more quickly at home.

  • Home care represents the best tradition in American health care. Most health care has always been given in the home. A visit to the hospital is the exception rather than the rule.

  • Home care is safer. For all of its lifesaving potential, some 20% of the people who enter a hospital develop complications such as infections, etc. The incidence of such risks at home is near 0%.

  • Home care encourages freedom for the individual. A hospital, of necessity, is a regimented, regulated environment. The same is true of a nursing home.

  • Home care is personalized care. Home care is tailored to the needs of each individual. It is delivered one-on-one.

  • Home care, by definition, involves the individual and the family in the care that is delivered. The patient and his family are taught to participate in their health care.

  • Home care reduces stress. Unlike most forms of health care, which can increase anxiety and stress, home care has the opposite effect.

  • Home care is the most effective form of health care. There is a very high consumer satisfaction associated with care delivered in the home.

Personal Care & Assistance

Bathing, Restroom Activities, Incontinence Care, etc.

Nutritional Care

Menu Planning, Mealtime Feeding Assistance, Meal Preparation, etc.

Live-In Care

Compassionate Care 24/7, Light Housekeeping, etc.

Errands & Transportation

General shopping, Doctor or Therapy appointments, etc.

Household Assistance

Laundry & Ironing, Kitchen Cleaning & Organization etc.

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