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Why Choose Us

Need help caring for an aging loved one? We offer a wide range of home care services tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors and their families.

Two Girls Home Care is an Independently-Owned Home Care provider. We provide non-medical home care services and personal care assistance. We provide an innovative and specialized approach to home care. Our services are customized per individual since we believe that every client is different.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of compassion, dignity and quality of life to those who wish to preserve independence while living at home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a committed, caring and respectful team that discovers innovative solutions to meet the home care needs of our community.

Our Services

We understand that elderly clients, clients with disability, or illness can limit a person’s ability to complete some activities of daily living. We provide a wide range of services that are designed to help our clients with activities of daily living.


Our Safety First Approach

Safety is important to you and your loved ones. At Two Girls Home Care our ever-watchful caregivers can assist in improving the safety of your home. Our employees also observe health and overall well-being, notifying loved ones of any unusual changes. We maintain a high-level of awareness so we can keep you and your family informed of developments or potential setbacks.

Our Certification

Two Girls Home Care is a California Licensed Home Care Agency with the Home Care Service Bureau. In order to best serve you by staying on top of the latest senior care and home care issues in our state, we carefully select highly qualified and compassionate caregivers. 

*Our caregivers are Fingerprinted, and CPR Certified.

Care is available when you need it, at all times.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, our trained staff can assist in companionship duties, attend to any personal care needs and even medication reminder-all under the supervision of a registered nurse.



Maria Torres, RN - Owner of Two Girls Home Care, LLC

I was born in Peru and immigrated to the United States of America in 1995. Life in Peru was difficult, I lived in a very small town in Peru with a population of about 1,000. We had no running water, electricity or opportunities that will allow me to be successful in life.

Since 1992, Peru suffered more than 400,000 cases of cholera and over 3100 deaths. Families lost their most vulnerable - the youth and elderly. I remember watching teams of physicians and nurses rushing to save lives. Even with the best effort, they were not able to save my little sister, Carmen Rosa 2 1/2.

It was at that time when I was just 8 years old, I realized I wanted to be a nurse to help people in their most vulnerable moments. Due to the circumstances, the financial strain, and lack of opportunity, my family of 9 siblings struggled immensely. I remained hopeful and worked to help my family. Sadly, my mother died in 1994 and my whole world collapsed. In 1995 I had an opportunity to come to the USA to peruse my dreams, of becoming a nurse. in 1999, after establishing citizenship, the struggles of learning to speak, read and write English as a second language while I worked and studied, challenged me. My goals and determination to honor my mother's life was the foundation of what kept me working diligently day and night. I became a Nursing Assistant in 1999 and Graduated the RN program from Moorpark College in 2009.

Nursing is not only my career, it is my passion. I love to engage with families and the elderly to hep them overcome their fears as disease challenges their mind, body and spirit. Today I can say as a nurse and business owner of Two Girls Home Care, LLC, I embrace change, and hardship and welcome resources to help individuals and their families. I asses, plan and create care plans for the best outcomes.Two Girls Home Care hires experienced caregivers who carry my passion, compassion, dedication, and understanding of day to day change as we age.

We are caregivers because we care.


Our compassionate and dedicated caregivers must pass an extensive background check, drug test, CPR certification and COVID-19 training. I personally meet with the families and clients to discuss their most important goals and needs including personality matching. I firmly believe in healthy aging in place with trained, well managed caring people. Care for the physical, mental and psychosocial aspects of care at home. We are here to support seniors so they have peace of mind and live a happy healthy life at home.


Two Girls Home Care, LLC established in 2018 is a licensed, bonded and insured caregiving agency serving Ventura and Los Angeles,  Counties. They provide excellence in care with state of the art training, current COVID-19 testing, dementia care and age isolated solutions. Two Girls Home Care is an active member of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and Senior Services Alliance.

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